I’m part of a great group on Facebook, called Pay it Forward Auburn. I’ve had a chance to volunteer my services earlier this year for some high school seniors. This time around I volunteered a free photography session for the lovely Michelle.

Michelle (6 of 51)

From the story on Pay it Forward:

“Ok Pay It Forward Angels. I have a need for a client of ours at the gym I work for. Her story is amazing and her determination is incredible.Michelle Cowen is legally blind and came to us last year needing to join the gym so she could run in a safe environment. Since joining she has lost a significant amout of weight and is constantly pushing herself to get stronger and more fit. In speaking to her yesterday she shared with me that it is hard for her to see her progress, because she can’t see the results in the mirror the way a person of sight could. I want her to see how far she has come and how much she has transformed. She said she wished she could afford for someone to take some professional style pictures of her so she could blow them up and see them on her computer. I was hoping someone on here would offer her a free photography session. I also was hoping she might be able to get some donations for a makeover (hair, makeup, outfit?). After losing 65 pounds her wardrobe is limited.I told her I would reach out here for her, you can message me or her if you can help thanks!”

Michelle (4 of 51)

I wanted to help this lovely lady be able to see her transformation the best that she could. We met up at one of the local parks, and the weather, light, her, everything was so perfect. Michelle is one of the most genuine people I’ve met in a long time. We chatted a bit, because, one I always get nervous when shooting new people. So it helps me to talk to them, get to know my subject, it helps loosen everyone up.

She was so fun to talk too. Michelle is a mother, of boys. So right off the bat, we connected there. She told me some of her story, and she’s been through her fair share. It was time for a little “Michelle” time. She was so at ease. Photographing her was natural. She just radiated this light, and confidence.. It was beautiful.. I was so lucky to be able to have met her. I hope these pictures do her justice.